The following portraits are extremely powerful.  They are of breast cancer survivors, scars bared, in the sea.  These images capture each woman's strength, beauty, and reverence for life.  They speak deeply about each of us and our connection to the waters that surround us. . . waters that also course through our own veins.  

We are sharing our scars, our intimate vulnerabilities and deepest strengths to provide hope and inspiration to other survivors; particularly those who have been recently diagnosed or are going through the trenches of treatment and recovery.  

By clicking the link below, you are acknowledging that you will be viewing women with and without breast reconstruction, and in some cases unaffected whole breasts.  

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Click here to view our 2014 NY gallery.

The Breast and the Sea traveled to Florida in November, 2014.  We were joined by dance teacher and choreographer, Dale Andree, who shared a water-based movement workshop with our participants.  

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