PBS To the Contrary "Going Flat: Women choose to 'go flat' after cancer surgery." Rebecca Pine, The Breast and the Sea. PANEL: Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD), Ann Stone, Jennifer Higgins, Lara Brown

CBS Sunday Morning with Erin Moriarity of 48 Hours: Some women who have lost breasts to cancer have chosen to deal with their loss in a fashion that is sparking conversations, and controversy. They call it "going flat." Instead of reconstructing their bodies with surgical implants, they are embracing their scars, and even baring them in defiance of the disease.


Gallery Exhibits:

SoHo Photo Gallery, NYC February 2016

A selection of their written and photographic work, including a series of pigment prints were featured at SoHo Photo Gallery.  Miana, Rebecca, and Dale presented two Artist's Talks and offered a Survivor Workshop, bringing a "taste of the sea" to the city.


The Breast and the Sea

Miana Jun, Photographer                                                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rebecca Pine, Author                                                               info@thebreastandthesea.com                                                 www.thebreastandthesea.com

Breast Cancer Project of Hope, Healing & The Sea

  © Miana Jun 2015

© Miana Jun 2015

The Breast and the Sea (www.thebreastandthesea.com) is a written and photographic project capturing the strength and beauty of breast cancer survivors and their relationship with water. Participants experience the transformative potential of combining community connection amongst survivors with personal reflection.

Photographer, Miana Jun, and Author/survivor, Rebecca Pine, share stories and photographs of participants, with scars bared in the sea. The Breast and the Sea, an expression of the many voices of breast cancer, helps to normalize the changing bodies of those who have been touched by this disease.

“Our project is a sanctuary that gathers together the many voices of breast cancer—offering support, community, and healing.” -Miana Jun and Rebecca Pine,Collaborators

“It has been healing because I was able to expose my scars without judgment and without fear...knowing that my photos will help someone else to heal.” -Lauren, Participant

Eight-year breast cancer survivor and author, Rebecca Pine, is a loving mother of four who has been writing passionately for many years. While going through breast cancer, Rebecca had a difficult time finding stories and images of women who overcame the same challenges she faced and were not only surviving, but thriving. She began The Breast and the Sea to help empower others faced with breast cancer.

Co-collaborator, Miana Jun is a photographer based in Bucks County, PA and Brooklyn, NY. Her wedding, dance and food photography has been published in numerous publications and blogs. Participating as a photographer in The Breast and the Sea project comes from her hope and wish to both empower women and help them find healing through the photographic process.

www.thebreastandthesea.com                                               info@thebreastandthesea.com