"We bared more than our breasts.  We saw into our souls, our fears, and our hopes."         -Betsy

"Not only is the purpose [of your project] noble, but this is a healing, fun experience.  In a way, it felt like a support group.  The results and feelings of happiness after the day were amazing."  -Karen W.

“I feel that your words and your writing really can touch people…I’m a 13-year survivor—and to read something so beautiful that actually made me well up and cry and be connected to those emotions, that says a lot.  And I think you’re…going to help a lot of women.”  -Doris

"It has been healing because I was able to expose my scars without judgment and without fear...knowing that my photos will help someone else heal."  -Lauren

“This is a really wonderful thing that you are doing, and I’m glad that you’ve asked me to be a part of it.  For me, it’s all about the healing, and it’s about the sharing, and the journey.”  -Diane B.

"This experience has made me feel more comfortable with myself.  Knowing that sharing these stories will help others makes me feel much better and know that some good has come from this [experience with cancer.]"  -Karen W.

"[The highlight for me was] the camaraderie we shared.  Even though we were different from each other in many ways, we became sisters in the sea."  -Andrea

"Rebecca is very easy to talk with and I felt comfortable opening up to her."   -Lauren

"I have not been part of a photographic project before.  As a group, I felt very comfortable with the photographer.  I really didn't know she was there as I was concentrating more on the experience."  -Karen W.