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The Breast and the Sea is a written and photographic compilation highlighting the strength and beauty of those who have been personally affected by breast cancer.  People from diverse ages, backgrounds, and walks of life who have lost breast tissue to cancer or prevention of hereditary cancer are interviewed, photographed, or both.  Excerpts from these moving stories and images are shared here.  We are working toward creating a book, and are seeking publication.

The Breast and the Sea empowers breast cancer survivors, previvors, and patients in the process of emotional healing while sharing our journeys and through reflective, nature-based workshops.  These gatherings involve community support, movement practices, and photographic witnessing; deepening participant connections to themselves and the environment.  In addition, our project involves gallery exhibitions and speaking engagements.

-The Breast and the Sea Project


Rebecca Pine, a nine-year breast cancer survivor, is the author and workshop facilitator for The Breast and the Sea.  Her background is in environmental education and herbal medicine.  Rebecca has interviewed over 75 survivors, previvors, and those living with active disease, as well as several experts in the field of breast cancer treatment.  Project participants have shared how breast cancer has affected their lives, their families, and their self-image physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Rebecca weaves together implements that have given herself and others she has interviewed strength and courage during their most difficult moments.  The excerpts on our ‘stories’ tab show a small sampling of experiences that will be shared in our upcoming book.  Her writing expands on these, offering comprehensive tools that can be used at any point along the patient’s healing journey toward transformation and self-acceptance.

-Rebecca Pine
Author, Workshop Facilitator                                                                                                     Click Here to read more of Rebecca's writing on breast cancer and beyond

Miana Jun is the photographer and co-collaborator of the project.  She is based in Bucks County, PA and Brooklyn, NY.  Her wedding, dance and food photography has been published in numerous publications and blogs.  Participating as a photographer in The Breast and the Sea project comes from her hope and wish to both empower women and help them find healing through the photographic process. 

Miana's photographic work of women baring their scars in the sea evolved after contemplation on how to explore more deeply with the camera the emotional landscape of breast cancer survivors. She is interested in capturing, as well as actively witnessing a movement experience in the water that facilitates growth, healing and community. The theme of water reflected within each woman's portrait explores the nonverbal, pre-verbal and unconscious layers of the emotional body.  Her photographs are portals to embodied self-renewal supporting the integrative healing process for both the participant and viewer.  Her body of work from this project communicates the transformation possible within the self and the sea.  Miana is the daughter of both a Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor and breast cancer survivor. She participates in this unique project with the hope that her photographic work can help others.

-Miana Jun
Click here to view more of Miana's photography


Dale Andree is a choreographer and movement educator based in Miami, FL.  She is the director of National Water Dance, a biannual performance event across the United States bringing attention to the many water issues our country faces.  Her interest in The Breast and the Sea came from the opportunity to share a profound experience with women through the power of water.  Dale was the movement facilitator for workshops in August 2014, November 2014, and August 2015.  She introduced an element of joy through sharing her love for movement and zest for life.

-Dale Andree


While going through breast cancer, Rebecca had a difficult time finding stories and images of women who overcame the same challenges she faced and were not only surviving, but thriving.  Her youngest child was born after breast cancer, and she was able to breastfeed with her unaffected breast.  While Rebecca was preparing to wean her daughter, shortly before her second mastectomy, she commissioned Miana to create a portrait of her daughter and herself.  Miana helped capture this precious moment in time between mother and child.  For Rebecca, it was surprisingly healing to be photographed, and to have empowering images to document her healing journey.   Shortly after this experience, she and Miana began collaborating on The Breast and the Sea project.

-Project History


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