History and Looking Forward

When I was going through breast cancer, despite a loving family and supportive friends, I often felt isolated and alone. I’m sure that many women that go through breast cancer can relate to this feeling.

I grew up with a strong connection with the earth, a love of books, and a passion for writing. Spending time immersed in nature and writing about my feelings, thoughts, and experiences helped me cope with the myriad of healthcare choices which had to be made, including the loss of my affected breast.

I found many books that addressed the ins and outs of chemotherapy and radiation, but none that truly captured what it means emotionally to be a woman faced with losing all or part of her breasts. I felt I desperately needed to read about other women faced with the same issues; women who found a way to manage despite the pain and suffering that they were going through to come out of their cancer experience with an incredible strength of spirit.

What helped you find a way to thrive despite the difficulties of breast cancer? Perhaps it was gardening or yoga. Maybe it was the blessing of a treasured friendship. Did you turn to art or music for solace and comfort? Was there a spiritual awakening that began stirring deep in your soul? I sense that you, too, have a story that could help bring healing to other women who are going through the trials of breast cancer. Together, we can do so much more!

Let us work together to create a resource that can help make a difference in the lives of other women on their journey toward health and wholeness.


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