Janeen, 7 year survivor

We all have the strength we need to make it through whatever life hands us.  We don't think we are tough enough, but when the need arises, we find that we are.  It's like that with any difficult situation.  If I could get through all of the things I have been through and still be able to find acceptance and joy, then there is nothing I cannot do.  We don't have to allow life's circumstances to hold us back from anything.            

Doris, 18 year survivor


The experience of cancer never goes away, but it no longer consumes me.   Each day and each moment is a gift.  I am filled with gratitude for the simple things: my family, dear friends, sunset at the beach, and my life.

Abigail, 14 year survivor


       When my daughter was seven months pregnant, my doctors gave me three months to live.  Then my grandson was born.  I could never have predicted the love that began pouring out of me toward this tiny, perfect being.  It was this love that saved my life.  As the days and months passed, I got stronger, and my grandson grew.  He was full of vitality and curious about everything.  We marveled at the wonders of bugs, blew soap bubbles for hours, and regularly got completely covered in finger paint.  I never knew that love would be the most important thing in my life!  Every day that I am alive is a blessing.

Rebecca, 9 year survivor

True beauty blooms in unexpected places.  It rises from the willingness to be vulnerable, and radiates from the courageous heart of one who can be true to herself and her expression of self.

Jessie, 4 years living with metastatic breast cancer


I was 29 when I was first diagnosed.  My daughter was a baby.  I look at pictures of our family, right before my diagnosis  there is so much we took for granted.  My husband and I share everything.  In quiet moments, we talk about how it will be when I die, and how he will be raising our daughter on his own.  It's difficult ... but the love that pours between us has such strength.  Much of living with metastatic disease is life as usual.  We try not to let cancer get in the way of things. The love between us grows every day.  Nothing can shake that.

Karen, 12 year survivor

It was art that pulled me through.  I started sketching and found that it quieted my mind and soothed my aching heart.  There were no words at that time which could come close to describing how I was feeling.  I was able to express my emotions through pencils and paints.  Some of the pieces I created during my treatment were about what I was directly experiencing.  Others reflected the hope and encouragement that I most wanted and desperately needed at that time.  

Jeanine, 13 year survivor


People say I am vibrant and full of life.  I thank breast cancer for that every day.   I am grateful for what I have been through because it's made me the woman I am today.  Strong.  Confident.  Bold.

Irma, 7 year survivor


A cancer diagnosis in my home country was basically like a death sentence.  I was petrified when my doctor said the lump in my breast was cancerous.    Here in the States, though, there is hope.  I have found such support.

Deborah, 21 year survivor


It seemed as though everyone had a story about someone they knew who went through breast cancer.  I think they meant well by sharing, but many had upsetting endings.  At some point I realized I could ask straightaway if the outcome was positive.  If not, I thanked them and let them know it was vital    that I stay optimistic and hold tight to hope.  I had to set limits, to stay focused on what helped me and let go of the rest.

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